As shown in the animated graphic to the right  

    Plant Produced Foam Recycled Asphalt is created by injecting computer
    controlled amounts of water, air and asphalt cement into the plants
    expansion chamber.  The result is an explosive foaming reaction which
    expands the asphalt material to 10 to 15 times its original volume.

    During the brief period the foamed asphalt is in the expanded state it is
    injected into the “mixing chamber” along with the recycled millings, a mix of
    cement and stone and results in a strong, well-bound material.

Up to 30 Second Delay to start

Computerized sensors in the FoamMaster plant constantly
monitor the flow of material to the “expansion and mixing
chambers”.    In fact, the mixing or “foaming” process will
automatically stop if sensors indicate that the material flow is
differing from the programmed mix design.  
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