FoamMaster uses recycled asphalt millings and a
    cold-mix process to produce highly durable asphalt
    pavement.  This eliminates the need for large
    amounts of new petroleum products and stone that
    are typical of hot asphalt mixes.

    FoamMaster involves the use of a “mobile” mixing
    plant, which literally brings the asphalt mixing plant
    in close proximity to your project site.  This
    significantly reduces labor and trucking costs.
    associated with old-fashioned methods of laying
    asphalt.  Take a closer look at the FoamMaster

The FoamMaster Mobile Plant shown here is a highly
controlled, computer assisted, production environment.  The
plants state of the art computer system controls and monitors
all mix materials, this ensures an accurate and uniform
product is produced everytime.
FoamMaster The Friendly Alternative
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